So I think I’m done

Explaining how I’m just about ready to release. Only minor cosmetic fixes remain.


Yesterday I finished editing the guide book and I’m really really excited nervous to release! It ends at about 68 pages. Not overly long, but not short. I’m happy with it. For a long time I struggled with what tone to go for, but ultimately am glad I settled on “Concise and informative” over “Prosey and tonal.” A controversial choice, but hey, it’s my game so nyeh.

So what’s left? I need to fix my Maryland map. The text is a bit off in places, and I need to introduce some more icons to show terrain and faction territories. Still not sure if showing river flow direction on a map makes visual sense. Probably not!

What Do You Want With a PDF?

So let’s say I finish today and I post it tomorrow. I have some questions I’d love your help with. Where should I release it? I could add a download link here, but it seems like DriveThruRPG is the standard, and it might be more user friendly to plop it down over there.

I’m not expecting a tabletop RPG about religious and political strife in 1645 colonial Maryland to have widespread appeal and be The Next Big Thing, but if even one small group plays and enjoys it and learns from it, I will just be absolutely over the moon.

And I mean, the playtesters have really liked it so I feel pretty damn happy already!

But beyond that- what do you want with it? A world map, sure, but how about little battle maps? House maps? Detailed location descriptions? What extra materials do you consider important and enriching for a (free) TTRPG?

I would greatly appreciate comments on this subject!

Join the Discord

I’d love if you’d join us on Discord. On the plus side, it means you’ll know as soon as the game is released, and you’ll also have like 8 hour a day access to me to answer questions and stuff. Here’s the link:


I’m pretty much done. Some minor things to add and change, and that’s it. Might drop within a week. Stay tuned. Please advise me on where to best deploy.

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