A Sample Playtest

TLDR: Edited a recorded part of a playtest. Added an intro to give context. You can listen/watch.

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to give the game another playtest, thanks to three willing participants. Specifically, I wanted to test weapon ranges and combat buffs for how they affected team strategy.  I am happy to report that both these aspects of the game function exactly the way I’d hoped: funly. 

One of the participants was kind enough to record the session and send me the file afterward. Time constraints made it difficult to finish editing quickly, but I finally managed it today, and have uploaded the finished product to Youtube. There are things I like and things I don’t about this, and I’ll try to put them to words in a simple list below:

The good

  • Despite it’s unusual setting and rigid mechanics, players took to the game quickly and gave glowing post-game reviews
  • My combat area map turned out okay. It’s basically my first attempt and I don’t hate it!
  • The RP at times was great, and we got to touch lightly on the real violence of combat

the bad

  • My pace isn’t great. This is less apparent in the sample, since I have edited out pauses and superfluous information and random historical tangents. I spent too much time talking.
  • My physical descriptions are not where I want them to be. I think it would be hard to picture these places in your head if you were unfamiliar with colonial architecture and customs.
  • Some volume issues and distracting sounds pop up

Overall, for a first attempt at this, I’m satisfied with the result. As with all things, practice will improve me, and I am eager to practice more.

I also included a separately-recorded, 3 minute introduction to the video that serves to replace the meandering ten minutes spent explaining things to the players.  This should fill the viewer in about the overall world enough to make sense of the events to come.

I’m worried my voice got a little too dramatic while reading, but I was satisfied enough to use it and, again, I have to assume practice will improve that as well.

In any case, you would flatter and honor me by giving it a listen and leaving a comment- good or bad (but hopefully good, ack!).

2 thoughts on “A Sample Playtest”

  1. I just got a copy the other day from Wargame Vault – colonial america, esp the 1600s, is one of my favorites. I liked the video, and playtest. My question now, though, is: what is the software you used for your playtest?


    1. Hi Kevin, thank you so much for the comment, and for checking out the game! We used Roll20 for the playtest- are you familiar with it?


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