So much for once a week!

Anyway, here’s a small update on what I’ve been doing. Mostly getting ready for the upcoming event at Baltimore Artscape. If you are in the MD area and have any interest in RPGs, please come visit us (and me!) Sunday July 22nd at The Windup Space. I’ll be there from 2-4pm.

The game itself is done. We’re putting the finishing touches on the PDF, which I expect to be all done within a weekish. At that time, I’ll be releasing to DrivethruRPG and adding a download link here somewhere, maybe. Depends on the rules.

I’m not sure who’s going to have any interest, but I’ll post around in some of the relevant subreddits and see what happens. If no one plays, that’ll be disappointing, but I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely and I got to play it myself many times.

If even a few people pick it up, I will be positively over the moon.

Feeling excited. Feeling anxious.

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