A mere three days away.

The book is finished. It only needs a cover and then I’ll be forced to finally release it. I also need to get it printed so I have it to take with me on Sunday! SUNDAY! That’s when I have to present my game, in person, in front of and to a bunch of people who are probably way more qualified and knowledgeable than I am! Yikes.

The map is almost done. The book is almost done. The things been playtested sufficiently. The research continues. I’ve garnered a lot more attention on the project than I ever expected (I expected zero!), so that’s been a great motivator and just generally makes me feel good. But even if the thing gets zero downloads, I’ll feel happy to have finished and to have played.

Below is the display I’ll be using when I present this weekend. I’m super super happy with how this turned out and can’t wait to put the book on it.



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