The Lost Towns Project

Maryland is unique for its deep and special connection to history, which reaches all the way back to 1634 when the colony was founded. Though sites like Fort McHenry, the Washington Monuments (Frederick and Baltimore), the Antietam Battlefield, and many others may be hard to miss, there’s still a lot left to uncover.

Luckily, there is a way. The Lost Towns Project has been working in the state for years, uncovering lost settlements, homesteads, and native villages all across Anne Arundel County. In a world with too few archaeologists working for too little money, a group like this is vital for keeping us connected to our shared cultural heritage.

The Lost Towns Project may be one of Maryland’s most important historical organizations. It connects passionate historians and hobby-historians with professional archaeologists. By signing up, you’ll be able to join them on digs or spend time in the lab sorting artifacts. They are always looking for more volunteers, and the organization has been vital in uncovering countless artifacts from the colonial era of Maryland’s history.

From their Facebook page: “Join us as we help scholars, students and citizens rediscover the archaeology and history of Anne Arundel County, Maryland– and beyond.”

If you’re interested in working with the Lost Towns Project, reach out to them by phone at 410-222-1318.

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