Welcome to The Plundering Time, a TTRPG set in early colonial Maryland, a time of intense sectarian, political, and cultural conflict. You will join your party in fleeing the burning wreckage of your adopted hometown, out into the unmapped and untamed wilds of The New World.

Your characters are only humans- not heroes. You will roam the dangers of this land struggling every day with the forces of nature and the varying antagonistic factions that will harry your every move. Whether a gentleman of England’s aristocracy or a slave from the west shores of Africa, this conflict has the potential to change your fortunes forever. As the class structure of the Old World crumbles, what new life will your make for yourself?

Simplicity is the core philosophy behind every mechanic, and that will be evident as the game is played. You roll a d20 for every action, with a GM setting difficulty by choosing a number. Accompanying spreadsheets will assist with difficulty controls and character creation.

Combat features a high-damage, low-HP system that makes every encounter potentially fatal and will require players to work as a team to gain game-changing advantages on the battlefield.

For shorter campaigns or One-Shots, your goal might be to survive long enough to establish a new life for yourself. For longer campaigns, you may yet have a hand in the retaking of your old lands from the enemies.

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