Echoes of Prohibition

Prohibition is a nearly forgotten time in Maryland history, despite the still-visible paint on the side of a Fell’s Point building urging residents to “Vote No.” But, hidden under floorboards and behind walls of the city can be found many remnants of a time when the whole city of Baltimore seemed to collectively reject aContinue reading “Echoes of Prohibition”

The Lost Towns Project

Maryland is unique for its deep and special connection to history, which reaches all the way back to 1634 when the colony was founded. Though sites like Fort McHenry, the Washington Monuments (Frederick and Baltimore), the Antietam Battlefield, and many others may be hard to miss, there’s still a lot left to uncover. Luckily, thereContinue reading “The Lost Towns Project”

New Discovery Reveals Old Dispute

Archaeologists working along the Tiber in Ellicott City recently discovered “a treasure chest” of historical documents dating back to the earliest years of the area’s European settlement. Though most of the recovered papers deal with land grants, ownership, and inheritance, one in particular gives us a glimpse into colonial-era feuds. Two familiar names are mentionedContinue reading “New Discovery Reveals Old Dispute”